Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Well it's been a while since I've written anything. It's just been too dang busy. Today being thanksgiving I have to say I'm very thankful for my family, friends,and pets.. We are also very grateful for a beautiful home in a very perfect place with amazing neighbors and friends. Health that keeps hanging on by a thread, and the knowledge to fix some of the health problems. We will get there, or we won't, in the end we will all make the transformation into the next life if that is your belief. Personally I am grateful for the beliefs I hold dear to my being. That I do believe in a living God, and his son Jesus Christ, who are separate beings and have been seen throughout the ages. I am also thankful for the restoration of the gospel in our times. There is but one way, and it is a straight path through a narrow gate, and hopefully I will remain on that path of love and kindness and in service of my brothers and sisters no matter who or where they are.

I pray that we all can learn and grow close, quit doing harm, and understand we are all the same. The differences that each of us owns is because that is the plan. This plan is simple and true.

I send my love to all my friends, and to those who may be my friend in the future.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Tribute to Zachary my best little buddy ever

Today I received some difficult and very sad news about my best friend Zachary Jubilee Christensen. He has been sick for a little while and we have tried to get him better with the aid of our Vet's who also love this little guy. Here is a picture of Zach who never wanted to be anywhere buy by my side. He loved our boat and "it was his favorite thing to do". He is amazing in that everything is his favorite thing to do as long as Kathy and I are with him and he's protecting us.

Zachary Jubilee Christensen

So the hard thing to do is to know that we have to take the pain away from our friend and at that time he will no longer share cheeseburgers, beds, car rides, chasing cats, taking baths, getting groomed and just hanging out with his friends, Sacha and Scooter. My heart is so heavy, and my head is throbbing from the news. He is the most amazing dog I've ever seen. Ask him anything and he would do it. Jump up, lay down, roll over, sit pretty, gimme 5, shake hands, heal, he wanted to please us at every moment as well he ran alpha over the other 2 dogs. They will be sad also now, and I can tell they know as they won't leave Zach's side. I hated the book Ol Yeller, and this is the reason.

Chef Bekah and Zachary

Zach was my buddy for 10 years and I wished I had 10 more with him. I keep losing those people I love, and I am so grateful that I know this pain is love, it's the feeling of know how much we love our family and friends. It has changed my heart once again that I do know what is important in life. It's not stuff, or things. It's not power or riches, it's love.

I will love my Zach, everyone that knew him loved him. But we all come to this point where the life we enjoy and take for granted is changed to the life that we dream of. I pray that we gave Zachary every chance to be happy and feel loved all his life.

Kathy and I will miss him, Sacha and Scooter will miss his love and protection.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

an amazing year

How do I define time and happiness? Years seem to come and go, faster and faster as I realize my life here on earth winds down. I’m hoping for a lot more time, and I’m sure I will have some of that, but should I go tomorrow what will be of those I love. That is the grand question as far as I can tell. I’m sure we will all meet again on the other side, however that gap between this time and that time, what will become of my loved ones? I am so confident that they will be well and have their needs met, maybe not the way I would do it, but probably better. I can have peace about that and other things I am so unequipped to handle.
We are all teachers here, and we are students at the same time. I believe that is why we are here, for the learning and for the opportunity to teach. What makes this year any different than any other year? The lessons learned, and the opportunity to teach my family and friends what my love for them is. I have such a greater appreciation for family this year as we have had a difficult year. We have blended families that don’t agree with mom and pop a lot of the time, but have accepted our choices and felt our combined love. At the time I write, we have a house full of Kathy’s children and it feels right and good. For Christmas we saw all of our children but 2 and one will fly out to Utah on the 2nd for a week. We will see the other one, soon. We had more people than I could imagine at our home for Christmas dinner, along with two of our dearest friends. What made Christmas so special was seeing them all together. Even Baxter a new puppy which our dogs didn’t exactly invite, was welcomed. Yes gifts are nice, and things are intriguing, however the look of happiness in my wife’s eyes seeing her children gathered together in her home would have been all the present I could have asked for.
Last night Kathy and two of her daughters shared some time at the SPA and came home very much different than when they were sent.
Business has been very good; I have exceeded every goal by thousands of percentages. Mostly I have in my heart a Joy of being free, that I have never had. I am working harder, with longer hours. My wife and I work side by side and hand in hand long hours. All my friends and associates work for peanuts to see my business succeed. We are really all in this together. H3 has just delivered the first H3 detection units to the Army at fort Hunter Liggett. We trained scout teams that will deploy for the “middle east” next month. Finally we will save some lives. Finally!
So I sit in my basement reflecting on my year, and seeing the beauty of His plan, not mine come to fruition. I know I’m on a voyage encased in a frail vessel that won’t house my spirit forever. I have come to understand that I am only significant when I am doing something good for someone other than myself. I hope, I wish, and I dream of a peaceful world where we can all see the beauty of each person and what they can share with us, teach us and that we can become true friends. I know I am loved deeply, and that I love deeply, I have sorrow and I am inadequate to understand everything I need to understand. But I have faith in our future and am not afraid of the unknown. I have witnessed many good and decent people and have run into a few that were not. I have learned from both types.
I hope everyone feels the love around them, it is everywhere. It may not be in the form we each desire, but it is everywhere.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

almost winter again

What a great life! 10 years ago, they pronounced me dead! I had no chance of survival, only the will to keep fighting. I know I was sick, but didn’t know how sick I truly was as it has taken me 12 years to get back on my feet and be able to breathe on my own. But a wonderful turn of events occurred and my body started getting stronger. Mind you I will never be what you call healthy, but I am always happy. I have been able to accomplish so many wonderful things in the past few years. Things I thought about when I couldn’t do anything much. Yes I miss skiing as I live in the mountains and that was/is a passion of mine. I miss riding a bike and running, but I will survive and be happy without them. As we age we gain wisdom, well hopefully and with that wisdom our lives become so much more meaningful and rich. I am very connected to my community throughout various charitable foundations which I sever on the board of directors. It is wonderful to give back to making where I live a nicer place, maybe not better but I truly make a difference on the nice factor.
We are selling our H3’s like crazy and had our first training class of 5 people. These people come from all over the world and were so fun to associate with. They are all friends now and we communicate most every day. They are finding, finding, finding and very excited. What a treat for an old engineer to actually see product from concept to being a viable product.
The actual most exciting news is that my wife is working with me now and managing everything from soup to nuts. See any changes to the website? Well she’s responsible for all of those, keeping everything organized and doing it with ease. It has lifted all my administration and is letting me concentrate on getting the engineering accomplished. Woo hoo..
Saturday was our 2nd anniversary and we had a wonderful time starting Friday evening as we went to dinner at La Caille, did a carriage ride through memory grove and stayed at the anniversary inn. Kathy then spent the day at the Kura Door, a Japanese spa for the full treatment. When I picked her up at the end of the day, she was a smiling pool of happiness. What more can a guy want?
We have been starting our days at the Gym and we are swimming. That’s about the only exercise I can do without hurting my ol beat up body. We swim for about an hour, head home organize our day and it’s off to the office or shop depending on what we need to accomplish.
Life is good, the election was pretty amazing. Our country is tired of going the direction we are going, as I look at our investments go away from years and years of work, I am saddened to think some fellow American took everyone’s money. They also took our trust and faith in our institutions. That won’t come back for a while. Although I don’t fear Obama I do worry a little about some crazy son-of-a-bitch killing him or his family. If and when that happens our country will have its 2nd civil war. So we need to be a little guarded but not be faint, difficult times are a coming. Make the most from your happiness, and help others a little by being kind, especially when it’s difficult.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Spanish Monument in the high mountains near home.

Fricking snow, a little early but very beautiful

Another day in paradise!

Well, it looks like winter has come early this year. We had about a foot of snow and half of that stuck! I want to cry as I’m not ready for winter this year. Our boat cover hasn’t arrived yet so I’m a little concerned and will have to get the boat bedded down for the long winter’s nap.

We sure didn’t get out as much as we wanted to this year as business interrupts fun, but this is the last year I will be working like a dog. There are a few reasons for this. # 1 THE BASTARDS TAKE EVERYTHING I EARN! # 2 our investments have tanked, so I see no use in continuing this nonsense of thinking I will be able to make a living in the good ol USA.

I’m thinking I am going to sneak over the border to Mexico, and see if we can’t start making trouble for them. (Just kidding) Now that America is no longer the land of opportunity we will see what happens to our immigration policies. I’m pretty sure they will just take care of themselves.

I don’t get very disappointed in our government as they do exactly what I think they will. That is whatever it takes to keep their jobs. Well, I have something to say about that also. The longer we citizens vote, the longer this nonsense will continue. I hear people say we need to vote people out. That makes no sense to me whatsoever. Why would we throw votes out to be negative? Why even play that stupid game until this system changes. We Americans need to change this unfair system. If we don’t who will ?

We hear the news & media tell us about lobbyist that control Washington. I have another revelation about that! I believe that more money is given to the news & media for election campaigns than anyone else. All that campaign money goes somewhere! (80% to the media). In this day of internet and mobile communications, couldn’t someone that is decent compete with these guys? Probably not.

I watch our investments drop 50% in a week and wonder why the heck my retirement 401k isn’t insured. It should be but then someone couldn’t steal it. I’ve been saying since 401k’s started that as soon as there is enough money in these accounts it will vanish just like the savings and loan problems happened 20 years ago.

The one simple truth is. If we give, invest, or are taxed out of our income for anything and everything we become slaves. At this point I refuse to be a slave to any of this nonsense. Tomorrow will come, the sunshine will always come up, and there will be air to breath. A person with a little common sense will always make it through these tough times. Maybe not with all that we have today, but we will make it just fine.

It is time to take a look at our personal value system and become the best person that we can be. Help others, love family and friends and be grateful that we have a chance to be together. America is more than politicians, FEO’s and corporate goons. It’s full of people like me and unlike me that love being American. I could go live anywhere in the world. I could become someone else, but I was blessed with the opportunities to live in America, the America that is good, generous, faith based, and family structured. I am blessed to have been raised by good parents who even with all their faults tried their best to raise me to be independent. To that legacy I will always try to do my best even with all my flaws. I am grateful for a wonderful loving wife, a warm home, and loving children who have grown into very good people. I am also grateful for all the horrible things that have happened to me and that I have gone through as they have molded my values and strengths. This time on earth is one of experiences and we need this to become the best we can be. It’s not how hard or how many times we get knocked down, it’s the strength in getting up over, and over, and over until we are refined into the person we are.

I will also say that because I know this time is short and no pain lasts beyond its endurance we will all be fine. If we are not, then that is because we didn’t know our strength and the infinite capacity of Love. It will overcome everything difficult in this world. It is not of this world!
Take a deep breath, look at something beautiful in your life and be grateful that you can always feel love if you are receptive to it.

Be a little kinder than you feel you need to be! Everything will all be alright!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wonderful experiences and great friends.

H3 Treasure Tri-Corder Serial # 0000001

How does this life go? I have no idea about tomorrow, but I do know that I have an amazing impact on how today goes. Yesterday is a memory, a wonderful memory, today is real, and tomorrow is a promise. We never know when our time will be up, so make full use of every moment you are given.
This week has been extraordinary! My wife came to work for our company full time. We now can have a life besides commuting and trying to match up our schedules. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to get a lot done, be together and experience our growth together. That has been my prayer for about a year. She is such a smart lady with perfect instincts, and a brilliant mind. Add that with a very nice wrapper and I actually have the perfect wife. I need to get busy and do some improvements so I can stay up with her.
It has been a busy and productive week. We got everything done, plus some stuff I had been trying to do for a while. Kathy came to my rescue when we met, and now for our business. I am so grateful to our Lord for taking such good care of me, I know I am loved.

Oh just in case you want to know, we now get up about 7 am (actually I’m up by 5 but let Kathy sleep), we get cleaned up and head to the gym and swim for an hour. After that we come home have a little breakfast and get out thoughts and prepare our day. We break for lunch about 2 and work until dinner about 7 or 8. Then our day is done unless we have an emergency.

Yesterday Kathy and I, Paul and Debbi, Doc & Bonnie, Johngo & family went up in the mountains to scout out a story where there was a cache of Spanish artifacts.. (Mostly gold, silver… maybe a canon).
We took out all our H3 treasure Tri-corders and gave it a go, we did this all with 4 machines to locate some gold, which led us to a cache and some Spanish Symbols that Doc needs to interpret. We leave that stuff up to Doc and John as they have studied this stuff all their lives. We didn’t uncover anything but did find the cache opening and will go back there later next week.
We (wife and I, along with the (Yackadoo wackadoo poodle posse) are heading out to New Mexico with Paul and Debbi to go out on some information he found. It is very interesting and we will pack up the trucks and head out on Thursday. Get some interviews, maps, pictures from these old guys and add to our book on New Mexico. This process is amazing to me and we learn so much. Most of the stories are embellished greatly from person to person, but if you can cut through all of that and hear the stores from many sources you can figure the source of each story. Sometimes it takes years and many trips. This is one of those trips to gain information on the next winter dig site.
After our trip 200 miles away in the canyon, we came home got cleaned up and went to the Weber State Football Game! Woo hoo, they did very well and won. They played a university I went to as a freshman and played for, so it was both good and bad. Hey how about UNLV putting a woopin on Arizona :o.. that's where I played for my last 3 years.. go rebels.

Friday, August 15, 2008

how busy can it get?

Well just how busy can it get? Insanely busy I believe. I arose at my usual time 3:30 commonly known as the” butt-crack” of dawn. So I head to my little prototyping lab to start the instrument guts and make sure they can be built. I make about 4 different types of needles grinding rod and fitting bearings, drilling center holes thru other rods and see if all the pieces can mate up. Well after a couple of tries I come to the conclusion it can be done. Funny thing, everything can be done, if you try!

Let’s see what’s happened. Life goes by too danged fast, but it is good. My daughter is going to have another baby... Woo hoo this time a boy. My son’s wife is expecting so it will be a baby year! Not bad for a grandpa and grandma… we are very excited for our children; they have turned out to be such good people.

My business keep expanding and taking more of my time and resources, I guess that’s exactly what a guy wants when he goes into business, however this is ridiculous. Just as one project hits the market I’ve started another concept to market idea. My next project is a little different in scope. I have a patent pending product but took it to my friends at the Davis Applied Technology College and said, I want to run this product; however I want to start of a college of entrepreneur ing… who knows what to call it. Anyway to make a very long meeting longer, the college agreed and will start the grant process as they already have funds attached, and will do the curriculum end. The student will take a commercial idea and run it through the entire process of intellectual process building, branding, business startup, market analysis, actually building the part, putting together a team and making it happen. We can’t find another school that is doing this from stage one. It will be a challenge but one worth doing.

Today is a HUGE day for me. I will have all the pieces of the commercial element detector in my hands today and will start serial # 001 build up. The shells and housings are being fed-ex shipped to me and I will have them this morning. I’m as excited as a school girl at the junior prom. It’s been 8 hard years of research and development and about 3 million bucks into this project to get to this state. Now we will see what happens. So in a couple of weeks you will all get to see the H3 Treasure Tri-Corder, as documented on National Geographic TV documentary to air in October.
So completely focused I have completed this stage of my work on this project and will now let everyone have a shot at finding their treasures and things exciting things as I have.
I start spudding (drilling the rough hole) my first oil well that I found and discovered. put the deal together and will have the rewards of the oil. Times they are a changing. Who would have thought?
Well, the family is well, I’m well; “Biz” is visiting us this week so we are having fun, in a slightly uncomfortable way as she is my wife’s daughter and doesn’t know me very well. I’m trying to bring her from phoenix to Ogden and get her in college but she is resisting. Who would turn down college and a place to live? Goofy kids that’s who… Of course she is fearing living here as we have a Christ centered home, no we are not insane about it, we just are grateful for His life and what he did for us and we treat everyone the very best we know how. It’s such a learning process, but at my advanced age I should get my chit together.

Best to everyone and I hope your dreams equal your reality.
And don't forget one of my bestest friends, Lamar in a silly mood up fishing on East Canyon resivour.
Cracks you up doesn't he...