Monday, March 17, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt 2008

The family east egg hunt went off without a hitch Saturday. The widdle kids were amazing and fun to be around. Our lives are so busy that it is wonderful to take a day and just be with my wife, and family. Sometimes I wonder if working this hard is worth the trade offs. I have to think it is, or I would stop working.

It is always a treat to see the little one’s faces as they see new things. Kathy put all the decorations out and prepared all the food as usual. She is an amazing lady and a joy to have in my life. She is always happiest when she is around the little ones.

Of course we recieved 2 inches of snow friday night and saturday morning so the hunt was inside the home. That's probably good as the snow has just melted off the back yard and the winters worth of doggie droppings have not been cleaned up. YUCK.....

This is how you look when eating a sour easter egg. It's very surprising to say the least.. and a dang dirty trick.

Well, all went well, and peter found a new girlfriend....