Monday, October 13, 2008


Spanish Monument in the high mountains near home.

Fricking snow, a little early but very beautiful

Another day in paradise!

Well, it looks like winter has come early this year. We had about a foot of snow and half of that stuck! I want to cry as I’m not ready for winter this year. Our boat cover hasn’t arrived yet so I’m a little concerned and will have to get the boat bedded down for the long winter’s nap.

We sure didn’t get out as much as we wanted to this year as business interrupts fun, but this is the last year I will be working like a dog. There are a few reasons for this. # 1 THE BASTARDS TAKE EVERYTHING I EARN! # 2 our investments have tanked, so I see no use in continuing this nonsense of thinking I will be able to make a living in the good ol USA.

I’m thinking I am going to sneak over the border to Mexico, and see if we can’t start making trouble for them. (Just kidding) Now that America is no longer the land of opportunity we will see what happens to our immigration policies. I’m pretty sure they will just take care of themselves.

I don’t get very disappointed in our government as they do exactly what I think they will. That is whatever it takes to keep their jobs. Well, I have something to say about that also. The longer we citizens vote, the longer this nonsense will continue. I hear people say we need to vote people out. That makes no sense to me whatsoever. Why would we throw votes out to be negative? Why even play that stupid game until this system changes. We Americans need to change this unfair system. If we don’t who will ?

We hear the news & media tell us about lobbyist that control Washington. I have another revelation about that! I believe that more money is given to the news & media for election campaigns than anyone else. All that campaign money goes somewhere! (80% to the media). In this day of internet and mobile communications, couldn’t someone that is decent compete with these guys? Probably not.

I watch our investments drop 50% in a week and wonder why the heck my retirement 401k isn’t insured. It should be but then someone couldn’t steal it. I’ve been saying since 401k’s started that as soon as there is enough money in these accounts it will vanish just like the savings and loan problems happened 20 years ago.

The one simple truth is. If we give, invest, or are taxed out of our income for anything and everything we become slaves. At this point I refuse to be a slave to any of this nonsense. Tomorrow will come, the sunshine will always come up, and there will be air to breath. A person with a little common sense will always make it through these tough times. Maybe not with all that we have today, but we will make it just fine.

It is time to take a look at our personal value system and become the best person that we can be. Help others, love family and friends and be grateful that we have a chance to be together. America is more than politicians, FEO’s and corporate goons. It’s full of people like me and unlike me that love being American. I could go live anywhere in the world. I could become someone else, but I was blessed with the opportunities to live in America, the America that is good, generous, faith based, and family structured. I am blessed to have been raised by good parents who even with all their faults tried their best to raise me to be independent. To that legacy I will always try to do my best even with all my flaws. I am grateful for a wonderful loving wife, a warm home, and loving children who have grown into very good people. I am also grateful for all the horrible things that have happened to me and that I have gone through as they have molded my values and strengths. This time on earth is one of experiences and we need this to become the best we can be. It’s not how hard or how many times we get knocked down, it’s the strength in getting up over, and over, and over until we are refined into the person we are.

I will also say that because I know this time is short and no pain lasts beyond its endurance we will all be fine. If we are not, then that is because we didn’t know our strength and the infinite capacity of Love. It will overcome everything difficult in this world. It is not of this world!
Take a deep breath, look at something beautiful in your life and be grateful that you can always feel love if you are receptive to it.

Be a little kinder than you feel you need to be! Everything will all be alright!