Thursday, November 29, 2007

How to reach a CEO!

How to reach a CEO!
As you may know by now I’m not very conventional in my work, life and approach to life. I have some dear Cajun friends which I have grown to love. They have this saying and it resonates in my mind at all times. It’s also one of the principles of Christianity. It is elusive, well hidden and underground most of the time as it is such a tangled up world we live in. But there is much Joy in this world to be had by every one of us when we use the gifts we are given. “Joie De Vivre” we salute all our friends in NOLA and in the little cow pasture to the west.
Recently I placed an ad in the USA Today about my new product with a very direct approach to Ed Zander the president of Motorola. These advertisements have caused much a stir in the advertising and technical world. I get a dozen phone calls a week asking if it worked, and how much it cost! I only say, yes it worked I made my contact and many more that are equally valuable as Motorola. Does Google ring a bell?
So anyway here is a link to one of the blogs that is covering my progress.

We are sprucing up the house for Christmas. Since the Theater is finished we can build the library I promised my wife. So the painting is happening in rapid fashion. The Library will consist of two very large rooms, one side will be Kathy’s and one side will be mine. We each maintain an home office, and I have a small modeling shop that will reside on my side of things. I will post pictures when this is finished. I have two days to finish Kathy’s side and her cabinets will be moved in. so I’m awaiting for the “paint to dry”.

I met the most wonderful wood worker in 51 states. He is amazing and is building us a new fireplace enclosure. Kathy and I have a romantic streak even at our age so we ask him if he could inlay a heart with our initials in it. I am posting a little very low res picture. He tells me that he is going to install it tomorrow or next Monday. We are so excited to have our living room finally complete. Joie De Vivre.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"Sandy Eggo"

“Sandy Eggo”
This week started out in San Diego to pitch a deal to some groups that are interested in taking my technology to the world.
This trip was started out very eventful. As I arrived in the Salt Lake City airport I was greeted by TSA employees at the security line. I said to myself, there is no line this will be fast, but then said, it’s a dayumn trick. I was packing one of my H3 devices in a storm case and it has flown many times now. It is a very unusual electronic device and can cause issues at the x-ray. Well, I take off my shoes, Bluetooth, laptop out, H3 in its little box; empty my pockets, cell phone, and same ol song and dance. I step thru the metal detector and I went off. I said prior to entering the metal detector, I won’t make it I have knees and an ankle. He smiled and when it went off, he pushed me into an isolation booth. It struck me as very odd, and I asked him to take his hands off of me. He said with little Nazi look on his face, are you arguing with me? I said I’m not even talking to you. He proceeded to push me into an isolation booth. He asked me which items on the x-ray line were mine. I said, all of those and one that’s not out yet. The x-ray operator stopped the machine took my H3 out and said, I need this opened and inspected. I said, it’s very fragile and it’s scientific equipment. He said, stay in your booth. So I watched this Chimp open my Instrument and drop it on the floor. He was mad at me for saying, don’t do that. So I spent an extra 30 minutes taking to TSA, which I come to believe means Tiny Stupid Assholes! Well this was a bad omen as I am heading to Sandy eggo to make a deal with the business end of several companies one being Google. The deal I’m going for is a multi-Billion dollar deal and now one of the two machines I have doesn’t work. Talk about being sick!
I arrive in SD to an awaiting Limo, and I was taken to Del Mar where we would meet with all the players. I first met with Dan Burrus a futures and technology expert. He’s here and a very interesting man. We had a wonderful two and a half hour discussion. He understood my technology and it was enlightening.
By the way if you want to see a video of my company and technologies go here:

So that was Sunday and meetings went on all day. I had more meetings with a great guy named David Perez; he’s the CEO of 6 companies and does a lot of energy deals. We had meetings with his physicist Bob, who was less than enthusiastic but understand what I have, works. Scientist’s are very predictable for me at this stage in my life. It all went very well, and we talked about our deal to get this to the world. We discussed who would get paid what, and from then I was back at my hotel changing clothes for my trip home. The limo picked me up and dropped me off at the Delta terminal at Harbor airport.

While talking to a dear friend, I noticed my Bluetooth getting scratchy and I looked for my blackberry and it was missing… I rushed around the area and couldn’t find it. Great, someone picked up my phone and I now have to buy a new blackberry. I left the hotel @ about 3:30 and got home about 10:30 in Utah where I live. My wife told me some lady called me and said she had my phone in San Francisco! She gave her contact information and the next morning we talked and I will have my phone within 10 minutes! Woo hoo.. .then I will spend the next 3 or 4 hours answering all my voice messages. But it’s back.

I’ve sent my broken H3 back to my factory in India for repair, 3 days there, 3 days back and 3 in the shop. Not bad for international work.

So, I didn’t get to see the Charger-Colts gameL, very bad, and I didn’t get to point Loma, one of my favorite places. Just work for me!

Another day another $ million ahead. You gotta love it!