Friday, August 15, 2008

how busy can it get?

Well just how busy can it get? Insanely busy I believe. I arose at my usual time 3:30 commonly known as the” butt-crack” of dawn. So I head to my little prototyping lab to start the instrument guts and make sure they can be built. I make about 4 different types of needles grinding rod and fitting bearings, drilling center holes thru other rods and see if all the pieces can mate up. Well after a couple of tries I come to the conclusion it can be done. Funny thing, everything can be done, if you try!

Let’s see what’s happened. Life goes by too danged fast, but it is good. My daughter is going to have another baby... Woo hoo this time a boy. My son’s wife is expecting so it will be a baby year! Not bad for a grandpa and grandma… we are very excited for our children; they have turned out to be such good people.

My business keep expanding and taking more of my time and resources, I guess that’s exactly what a guy wants when he goes into business, however this is ridiculous. Just as one project hits the market I’ve started another concept to market idea. My next project is a little different in scope. I have a patent pending product but took it to my friends at the Davis Applied Technology College and said, I want to run this product; however I want to start of a college of entrepreneur ing… who knows what to call it. Anyway to make a very long meeting longer, the college agreed and will start the grant process as they already have funds attached, and will do the curriculum end. The student will take a commercial idea and run it through the entire process of intellectual process building, branding, business startup, market analysis, actually building the part, putting together a team and making it happen. We can’t find another school that is doing this from stage one. It will be a challenge but one worth doing.

Today is a HUGE day for me. I will have all the pieces of the commercial element detector in my hands today and will start serial # 001 build up. The shells and housings are being fed-ex shipped to me and I will have them this morning. I’m as excited as a school girl at the junior prom. It’s been 8 hard years of research and development and about 3 million bucks into this project to get to this state. Now we will see what happens. So in a couple of weeks you will all get to see the H3 Treasure Tri-Corder, as documented on National Geographic TV documentary to air in October.
So completely focused I have completed this stage of my work on this project and will now let everyone have a shot at finding their treasures and things exciting things as I have.
I start spudding (drilling the rough hole) my first oil well that I found and discovered. put the deal together and will have the rewards of the oil. Times they are a changing. Who would have thought?
Well, the family is well, I’m well; “Biz” is visiting us this week so we are having fun, in a slightly uncomfortable way as she is my wife’s daughter and doesn’t know me very well. I’m trying to bring her from phoenix to Ogden and get her in college but she is resisting. Who would turn down college and a place to live? Goofy kids that’s who… Of course she is fearing living here as we have a Christ centered home, no we are not insane about it, we just are grateful for His life and what he did for us and we treat everyone the very best we know how. It’s such a learning process, but at my advanced age I should get my chit together.

Best to everyone and I hope your dreams equal your reality.
And don't forget one of my bestest friends, Lamar in a silly mood up fishing on East Canyon resivour.
Cracks you up doesn't he...

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