Tuesday, November 11, 2008

almost winter again

What a great life! 10 years ago, they pronounced me dead! I had no chance of survival, only the will to keep fighting. I know I was sick, but didn’t know how sick I truly was as it has taken me 12 years to get back on my feet and be able to breathe on my own. But a wonderful turn of events occurred and my body started getting stronger. Mind you I will never be what you call healthy, but I am always happy. I have been able to accomplish so many wonderful things in the past few years. Things I thought about when I couldn’t do anything much. Yes I miss skiing as I live in the mountains and that was/is a passion of mine. I miss riding a bike and running, but I will survive and be happy without them. As we age we gain wisdom, well hopefully and with that wisdom our lives become so much more meaningful and rich. I am very connected to my community throughout various charitable foundations which I sever on the board of directors. It is wonderful to give back to making where I live a nicer place, maybe not better but I truly make a difference on the nice factor.
We are selling our H3’s like crazy and had our first training class of 5 people. These people come from all over the world and were so fun to associate with. They are all friends now and we communicate most every day. They are finding, finding, finding and very excited. What a treat for an old engineer to actually see product from concept to being a viable product.
The actual most exciting news is that my wife is working with me now and managing everything from soup to nuts. See any changes to the website? Well she’s responsible for all of those, keeping everything organized and doing it with ease. It has lifted all my administration and is letting me concentrate on getting the engineering accomplished. Woo hoo..
Saturday was our 2nd anniversary and we had a wonderful time starting Friday evening as we went to dinner at La Caille, did a carriage ride through memory grove and stayed at the anniversary inn. Kathy then spent the day at the Kura Door, a Japanese spa for the full treatment. When I picked her up at the end of the day, she was a smiling pool of happiness. What more can a guy want?
We have been starting our days at the Gym and we are swimming. That’s about the only exercise I can do without hurting my ol beat up body. We swim for about an hour, head home organize our day and it’s off to the office or shop depending on what we need to accomplish.
Life is good, the election was pretty amazing. Our country is tired of going the direction we are going, as I look at our investments go away from years and years of work, I am saddened to think some fellow American took everyone’s money. They also took our trust and faith in our institutions. That won’t come back for a while. Although I don’t fear Obama I do worry a little about some crazy son-of-a-bitch killing him or his family. If and when that happens our country will have its 2nd civil war. So we need to be a little guarded but not be faint, difficult times are a coming. Make the most from your happiness, and help others a little by being kind, especially when it’s difficult.

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