Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wonderful experiences and great friends.

H3 Treasure Tri-Corder Serial # 0000001

How does this life go? I have no idea about tomorrow, but I do know that I have an amazing impact on how today goes. Yesterday is a memory, a wonderful memory, today is real, and tomorrow is a promise. We never know when our time will be up, so make full use of every moment you are given.
This week has been extraordinary! My wife came to work for our company full time. We now can have a life besides commuting and trying to match up our schedules. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to get a lot done, be together and experience our growth together. That has been my prayer for about a year. She is such a smart lady with perfect instincts, and a brilliant mind. Add that with a very nice wrapper and I actually have the perfect wife. I need to get busy and do some improvements so I can stay up with her.
It has been a busy and productive week. We got everything done, plus some stuff I had been trying to do for a while. Kathy came to my rescue when we met, and now for our business. I am so grateful to our Lord for taking such good care of me, I know I am loved.

Oh just in case you want to know, we now get up about 7 am (actually I’m up by 5 but let Kathy sleep), we get cleaned up and head to the gym and swim for an hour. After that we come home have a little breakfast and get out thoughts and prepare our day. We break for lunch about 2 and work until dinner about 7 or 8. Then our day is done unless we have an emergency.

Yesterday Kathy and I, Paul and Debbi, Doc & Bonnie, Johngo & family went up in the mountains to scout out a story where there was a cache of Spanish artifacts.. (Mostly gold, silver… maybe a canon).
We took out all our H3 treasure Tri-corders and gave it a go, we did this all with 4 machines to locate some gold, which led us to a cache and some Spanish Symbols that Doc needs to interpret. We leave that stuff up to Doc and John as they have studied this stuff all their lives. We didn’t uncover anything but did find the cache opening and will go back there later next week.
We (wife and I, along with the (Yackadoo wackadoo poodle posse) are heading out to New Mexico with Paul and Debbi to go out on some information he found. It is very interesting and we will pack up the trucks and head out on Thursday. Get some interviews, maps, pictures from these old guys and add to our book on New Mexico. This process is amazing to me and we learn so much. Most of the stories are embellished greatly from person to person, but if you can cut through all of that and hear the stores from many sources you can figure the source of each story. Sometimes it takes years and many trips. This is one of those trips to gain information on the next winter dig site.
After our trip 200 miles away in the canyon, we came home got cleaned up and went to the Weber State Football Game! Woo hoo, they did very well and won. They played a university I went to as a freshman and played for, so it was both good and bad. Hey how about UNLV putting a woopin on Arizona :o.. that's where I played for my last 3 years.. go rebels.


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